Colour Grading & Post Production


Colour Grading & Post Production


Colour Grading & Post Production Services

If you are looking for colour grading for your photos we can apply post processing techniques to your work to enhance and create a particular style and feel. While we can also consult on the direction of the style and emotive result we are happy to take your direction and requirements. The colour correction process begins with looking at the base corrections and working from this point. The software we use is  Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop. Basic photo editing can also offered such as general colour correction, calibration and spot removal and exposure settings.


We send you a link to Dropbox where you can upload the photo files to be edited. Colour grading process of raw photo files, jpg’s and other camera files. An additional folder is set up for the exported edited files and you can then access and retrieve.


You can also send us an example of the look and feel you are going for in the colour grading of your images. We can apply any multiple variables we need to in the editing setting to achieve the desired results, exposure adjustments, curves, white balance, shadows, blacks, temperature, graduated filters, lens correction, toning, effects and camera calibration.


Movie style and advertising promotional colour grading can be created. For photo colour grading send us your requirements at postproduction@mikekenneally.com