Food Shoot in Various Styles

oyster photoshoot presentated on a magazine mockup page
oyster photography

Variety of Styles

A few examples of styles from previous food & product photography.

honey dip

Product Photography - Smyth Knives

A little bit about this image

The challenge with shooting this knife blade is the reflection. The main part of the blade needs to be uniform and not reflect the environment while the cutting part of the blade needed to be separate and contrast with the top blade section. Used over head of this blade was a handheld reflective metal grey box to keep the colour consistent and uniform on the top part of this blade, while keeping the ctting section reflective of the near environment. Later the image was post produced in Photoshop to clean and enhance the product surface.

product photographed outdoors

Product Photography - Claddagh Jewellers Galway

A little bit about this image

This image is part of an outdoor photoshoot taken in the Claddagh Galway. The rings are shot in natural daylight and later post produced with lighting to create this effect. With this particular image text was later overlayed and used in an advertising campaign along with other photographs taken from the shoot. The style here is moody and dark and the composition facilitates typographic inserts.

product photographed and post produced with lighting

Product Photography - Vegan Food

A little bit about these images

These two images are colour graded in Lightroom and Photoshop to achieve this subtle vintage style effect. A 50mm prime lens with a shallow depth of field settings is used to bring out the emotive quality, while focusing the lens on the centre of the cake to maintain sharpness in this the primary interest area.

tart photographed low angle