Photography Work Shop



Photography Lessons & Photo Editing Training

I will be doing photography workshops that include Photoshop and Lightroom Post processing training. The workshop can be on a one to one or one to two persons basis. So if you know of a collegue or friend who wants to be part of the training there is a slightly cheaper option. The workshop consists of going out doors to take landscape photography and coming back in on the second phase to colour grade and post produce the photos. I will be covering shooting techniques, exposure and camera settings, using the light and finding the right compositions.

In the post production lessons I will show how to use Lightroom effectively, importing images, raw files and export settings. Presets, graduated filters, optimising imagery digitally and enhancing sections of an image.

Lightroom Room Training

Lightroom photography workshop covers the develop module. Working with the tools in Lightroom latest edition. I go through the workflow I use to modify a photograph. Lens correction tools and distortion fixing. Chromatic aboration and lens correction manual mode. Basic module appreciating and editing shadow, highlights, white balance and black areas. Learn adjustment curves and exposure settings. Colour grading techniques in the development module are demonstrated.