Photo Enhancement Services

Photo enhancement of your sent images are produced in Adobe Lightroom and finished off in Photoshop.


Product Photography Enhancement Services

Photo enhancement for product photography. Various products can be enhanced see example below.


Lightroom into Photoshop

Finished photos are imported from Lightroom into photoshop for final refinement and exporting of the various file formats. Enhancement of a photo involves colourgrading, bringing out various sections within the photograph while editing the background to further emphasise. The balance between the focused object in the phota and the background need to be not too extreme as to make the finished look unreal. Subtle actions create the best results.

Batch Editing

With group images thses can be batched produced once the initial processing has been done. Filters can be applied to multiple images for consistency when the subject matter is similar. Photos can be enhanced with a one day turn around time. Generally the photo editing involves white balance, exposure, colour grading, graduated filters and brush work. Most of the processing is done in Lightroom. For future work filters can be applied to save on cost and expediency.

Finished Files Editing

If required backgrounds can be inserted and made to fit in with the overall lighting of the photo. This depends on the image type and each photo will be evaluated before hand. Finished files can either be emailed or for batch files a Dropbox link will be available for download.

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